The 55th Reunion!!   We Want YOU!!

Our 55th Wellesley Reunion, June 2 - 4, is coming up soon!  Of course it’s not the 50th, but it’s no less an opportunity to connect, or re-connect, with some of the most intelligent, stimulating women you have ever encountered, women with whom we embarked on life’s journey, and women with whom we have much to share.  Naturally, those getting ready for it want you (and your spouse or guest) to come!

You should have received a snail mail from the Alumnae Association with a paper registration form, which can be filled out and returned with a check.  Or, to register online (and pay with a credit card), go to our class website:                 

You will need your Wellesley Login; see directions below if you do not yet have one.   

(NOTE:   Financial assistance for Reunion attendance is available for Wellesley alums.  If that would help you join your classmates, contact the Alumnae Association at 781-283-2343. All requests are kept strictly confidential.)

Reunion Chair Nancy Briska Anderson is coordinating class officers and committee members in planning with the Alumnae Association.  Joanne Couch Cogar and Mike Obourn Quenell and their editors: Jane Levine Lewit, Peggy Ragland Shoosmith, and Martha Reardon Bewick have completed a magnificent Record Book that includes color photography and poetry, as well as, most importantly, our reflections; you should have received an order form in the mail or you can order online from our class website.  (NOTE: Record Book purchases must be made separately from Reunion Registration this year.)  Judy Myers Kinsey and her committee invite us to participate in a class gift, pushing for a whopping, record-breaking 85% participation; Marjorie Jacobs Yashar and Jane Allison Anderson particularly encourage Durant Gifts: Durant donors will all be invited to an exclusive reception at President Johnson’s house Friday afternoon.

NOW: Here’s What’s Going To Happen

June 2 - Friday

Our Great 55th begins at 1:00PM.  Sign in at our weekend residence, Claflin Hall, overlooking beautiful Lake Waban. (If you need to make registration changes through the weekend, check in at the Lulu Chow Wang Center.) You have the afternoon to attend faculty lectures and campus open houses.  Snacks will be available in the Claflin hospitality room thanks to a committee led by Angie Forbes-Freeze, Betsy Bolln Munzer and Helen Goldblatt GuttentagPeggy Mahaney Rhoades will provide flowers for our weekend, and Annie Steele Hummel will gather our crafts, books, and photos for a display of 1962’s creativity.

The evening begins at 5:00 PM with a social hour at Claflin.  Then we’ll wander down to the Davis Museum Plaza to enjoy a convivial, glad-to-be-back celebration buffet at 6:00PM under a tent (regular or vegetarian) accompanied by red and white wine.

Dinner will be followed by an All Class Dance Party under the tent on the Academic Quad.  OR—come back to Claflin to socialize with those interesting classmates.

June 3, Saturday

Early risers can join a group from the Department of Physical Education walking around Lake Waban at 7:00AM.  Breakfast will be available in the Claflin Recreation Room from 7:00 - 9:00AM.  Other sports events are scheduled at the Keohane Sports Center as well.

Class President Sally Rial Phelps will lead our class meeting in the Claflin Living Room from 9:00-10:30, at which we’ll elect new class officers, and thank those outgoing. Muffy Kleinfeld will conduct a memorial honoring deceased classmates at the same time, and Carol Kurson Goldman will remind us of Wellesley’s interest in our archives. (Please consider bringing any that will fit in your suitcase!)

From 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM the WCAA will host the 127th Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association in the Diana Chapman Walsh Alumnae Hall Auditorium.  It’s an opportunity to hear Wellesley’s extraordinary new President, Dr. Paula Johnson, talk about events and issues of the year. After the meeting,  a lunch buffet will be served at 12:30PM back in the Claflin Recreation Room.

The usual intriguing faculty lectures and open houses will fill the afternoon, but ’62-ers may be particularly interested in a small group discussion Betsy Cole will moderate from 2:00 – 3:30 PM at Claflin, “Fostering Community: Transitions that Accompany Our Age.”  Many of us will enjoy an opportunity to share our own and hear others’ transitions.

At about 5:45PM, we will walk or take a shuttle to the Wellesley College Club for our gala ’62 Class Dinner. Toni Hess Gal and her committee have planned an elegant, royal-hued capstone to the 55th. The evening will focus on reconnecting: no program, just your choice of delicious food and drink, and conversation, conversation, conversation.  Social Hour begins at 6:00PM, with dinner at 7:00PM. (Dinner choices include Seared Atlantic Salmon, Chicken with Mushroom Marsala Sauce, and Toasted Potato Gnocchi)

June 4, Sunday

Sunday begins with breakfast in the Claflin Recreation Room from 7:00 – 9:00 AM.  Alternatively, there are Multifaith Breakfasts scheduled at various campus locations.

At 9:15PM, a “Sunday Celebration: In Gratitude and Remembrance,” will be held at Houghton Chapel.

Then the grand Alumnae Parade, staged throughout the campus, will kick off at 10:30AM, followed by (at a time new this year) a spirit-infused climax to college-wide activities, Step-Singing.

Remember the words of our class song? “Queen Wellesley’s crown is made of ivy, not of gold...” The 55th reunion insignia will certify 1962’s royalty with a unique, handmade ring of purple flowers. Marjorie Jacobs Yashar, who brought us 2012’s popular fascinator, is outdoing herself with this whimsey which will “crown” our heads. A scepter-like umbrella (it MAY rain!) will give further evidence of our monarchical prerogative as we march in regal splendor across campus.

Hungry after all that parading and singing? At 12:00 noon, Martha Reardon Bewick, Bonnie Cobert Millender, Sue Ellen Parrott, Anne Rippy Turtle and Chartis Bell Tebbetts invite you to reconvene under the tent at Davis Plaza to bid “Farewell” to the 55th. Our picnic will feature box lunches with your sandwich wrap of choice (chicken salad, roast beef and boursin, veggie and hummus), fruit, cookies and various beverages. Relax and enjoy a last catch-up with classmates before we depart. Family members are welcome.

The 55th Reunion will wrap up at 2:00PM—until we meet again at mini-reunions, and, of course, at our 60th!

The 55th is going to be great!  See you there!!