Wellesley College Class of 1962 55th Reunion Committee


Reunion isn’t possible without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers. Please join the Alumnae Association and Office for Resources in thanking your classmates who made Reunion 2017 memorable.

Reunion Committee Chair: Nancy Briska Anderson  rljudge@mindspring.com

ClassTreasurer: Susan Connard Chenoweth  scheno@aol.com

Record Book Co-Chairs: Joanne Couch Cogar joanne.cogar@rcn.com and Mike Obourn Quenell Co-Chair quenell-mike@northnet.org

Record Book Editors: Jane Levine Lewit  jlewit@gmail.com, Peggy Ragland Shoosmith  prieder@comcast.net, Martha Reardon Bewick marbewick@verizon.net  

Fund Rep and ROAR Chair: Judy Kinsey Myers jkinsey@bevcomm.net

ROAR Callers: Judy Myers Kinsey, Sally Rial Phelps, Martha Reardon Bewick, Joanne Couch Cogar, Marj Parish Bribitzer, Chartis Bell Tebbetts, Peggy Mahaney Rhoades, Karen Capriles Hodges, Anne Ruhoff Turtle, Marcy Haugen Homer, Judy Lisle Irons, Ellie Holcombe Friedman, Marcia Kinnear Townley, Sandy Asensio Koppen, Lois Katz, Sue Ellen Parrott, Bonnie Cobert Millender, Laurel Lunt Prussing, Claire Evans Martin, Lucy Kirk, Barb Hobart Shope, and Lyn McGiffert Ekedahl.

Durant/Insignia: Marjorie Jacobs Yashar  ladybjustice@yahoo.com

Durant: Jane Allison Anderson  janeinpali@aol.com

Hospitality: Angelyn Forbes Freeze  angelynff@gmail.com, Betsy Bolln Munzer  betsy@munzerco.com, and Helen Goldblatt Gutentag  helen.guttentag@simmons.edu

Flowers: Peggy Mahaney Rhoades  pegrho@comcast.net

Class Meeting: Sally Rial Phelps, Class President  sallyphelps@aol.com

Saturday Dinner: Toni Hess Gal  tonigal@comcast.net

Sunday Picnic: Martha Reardon Bewick  marbewick@verizon.net

Bonnie Cobert Millender  lmillender@aol.com

Sue Ellen Parrott  separrott@verizon.net; parrottse@gmail.com

Anne Ruhoff Rippy Turtle  anne.turtle@verizon.net

Disabilities: Chartis Bell Tebbetts  c-etebbetts@comcast.net

Creativity Display: Anne Steele Hummel  roanimal@dakotacom.net

Memorials: Ruth (Muffy) Levenson Kleinfeld  ruthkleinfeld@hotmail.com

Archives: Carol Kurson Goldman  carol.goldman@comcast.net

Transition Discussion Groups: Betsy Cole betsycole1@verizon.net

Wellesley Fund Representative - Judith Myers Kinsey

Wellesley Fund Assistant Representative - Chartis Bell Tebbetts

Wellesley Fund Assistant Representative - Barbara Hobart Shope

Wellesley Fund Assistant Representative - Betsy North Robinson

Wellesley Fund Assistant Representative - Sue Ellen Parrott

Wellesley Fund Assistant Representative - Marcy Haugen Homer

Wellesley Fund Assistant Representative - Joanne Couch Cogar

Thanks to the many classmates working to make our reunion a success.