Martha Receives Award

Outstanding Volunteer Leadership



Last October 18th, there was an awards dinner on the Wellesley campus as part of the Alumnae Leadership Council Weekend. For the first time, the Wellesley College Alumnae Association included awards for Wellesley volunteers who have shown outstanding leadership. Martha Reardon Bewick was one of just four to receive these awards. Classmates gathered that weekend at Wellesley to salute Martha at a mini-reunion, dubbed the "Martha-Mini." Photographed below are the people who celebrated with a fine dinner at the Blue Ginger.




The selection process began with nominations accepted from all classes. It didn’t take long for our nominating committee to realize that Martha would make the perfect candidate. She has been leading our class with song and caring, since our days at Wellesley, as a lead in Junior Show, as class president our senior year and as class song leader. Her fantastic team of officers established “62 and the Arts” to honor our artists, a tradition we've continued at reunions ever since. Martha went on to serve as our class president the first five years after graduation. More recently, Martha chaired our 45th Reunion, and then led a hugely successful mini-reunion in Paris. Currently Martha is serving as our class secretary. Have you noticed the length of her class news e-blasts? They show Martha’s remarkable ability to appreciate her fellow classmates and stay connected. Martha has given from the heart, and the college gave back with this very special recognition. 


Martha received the news of her selection at a time when good news was espially welcome. Her dear husband John was battling cancer, and Martha was right by his side. Fortunately John was strong enough to attend the dinner with classmates. He arrived looking thin but dapper with his "Wellesley Tartan" necktie, a sweet reminder of the Paris mini reunion. John died peacefully on Christmas morning. Despite this great loss to Martha, she continues to see the good in life and carry on as class secretary.