I’m pleased to report that the Great Class of 1962 came in with 62% participation. It has surpassed the college's 54% Wellesley Fund challenge and helped the overall alumnae participation to reach 54% - if it does, there will be a matching $500,000 donated from a 'We Are Wellesley' group.


Why is participation so important to the college? The percent of alumnae who contribute to the Wellesley Is used as the measure of how alumnae value their education and is a factor in things like college rankings, and corporation and foundation grants.  A high alumnae participation rate sends a strong message to prospective students and faculty that Wellesley has a vibrant and committed alumnae network. It's a proof point to the oft-made statement that "other people go to college for four years; with Wellesley it's for life!" To attract the very best, we need to demonstrate how Wellesley excels.  We are not focusing on the amount of each gift – at this time in our lives, many of us are on fixed incomes and have to carefully manage our resources into the future.  But each of us can help the college by contributing what we can.


Our percentage last year was a fantastic 67%. We didn't quite match that record by the end of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015. If you didn't contribute in the last fiscal year but would like to contribute now, here's what you can do:


You can contribute online using a credit card – it’s very easy – go to wellesley.edu and click on 'make a gift' in the upper right corner.  No sign-in or password required.


Or you can contribute by phone – 1-800-358-3543


Or mail your contribution to Wellesley College Annual Fund, 106 Central Street, Wellesley, MA 02481


Please join us  with an enthusiastic contribution to Wellesley!


Judy Myers Kinsey, 1962 Wellesley Fund Rep 


Watch this space!  67% to match 2014!  Please click here to donate to Wellesley College today!