Dear ’62 Classmates,

I can’t let another moment go by without saying THANK YOU!!!

What a time we had!  The eight of us still standing this morning gathered under the ancient beams of the Heritage at Sherborn for a wonderful brunch, interspersed with spicy Bloody Marys and coffee!!  We are so grateful, dear distinguished classmates, Arleyn, Carol, Jane, Laurel, Mary, Susan, Theo and Vivian, for inspiring our festival occasion, and for sharing your life paths and wonderful work at our highlight dinner last evening. You offered us so many different stories, and so many threads leading back — to Wellesley, a teacher, an inspiration, a helping hand, or a mentor.  I would love to see us collect these stories!

I am so grateful to class officers Sally, Joanne and Susan for pointing us in this direction of celebration, for inviting our honored classmates to our festival occasion, and for keeping us focused, and organized.  Sally and Joanne also provided continual feedback and encouragement, and program shaping.  Susan Chenoweth raised detailed questions about checks and budget amounts, picked up the silver gingko leaf pins in Omaha Nebraska, and brought them with her!  Judy Myers Kinsey, meanwhile, prepared the beautiful notes for our classmates’ presentations, and sent them to Susan.  What a team!!

We were thrilled too that Vera, Vivi, and Marcia were willing to share their work and their knowledge and enthusiasm with us.  Vera’s first-time-ever gathering of Arts and Crafts of Ireland,at the McMullen Museum at Boston College, was perfectly timed for our mini-reunion.  Thanks Vera, for your welcoming introduction to this fascinating field, and for spending time with us and our many questions.  We are giving a copy of your excellent catalog to the Wellesley Archives, Class of ’62 section!  I’m personally looking forward to learning more about the Arts and Crafts of Ireland from your catalog!  We wish you very well in the months to come, and look forward to seeing you at the 55th!

Vivi welcomed us all early on Saturday morning with a wonderful warm smile, and green apron, and led us through the deserts and jungles and environments of Wellesley’s Greenhouses. She is one of the most respected docents at the Greenhouses, and we were happy to learn about Wellesley’s green treasures through her. Thank you so much, Vivi, for your generous and lovely tour of the Greenhouses.  We hold you and Jonathan in our hearts, every day of your journey through his health crisis.

Marcia’s Jane Austen session, with insights about Austen and Mansfield Park, and lots of time for Q&A, as well as an introduction to the Jane Austen Society, was also a delight. It felt like being back in the classroom, but what a classroom with the view over Alumnae Valley and the Gills' tupelo trees, with lunch options of all kinds, and even ice waters flavored with lemon, cucumber and melon!!!!    Thanks so much, dear Marcia, for sharing your love, scholarship and enthusiasm about Jane Austen with us.  I’m looking forward to reading your Mansfield Park book when it arrives!!!  

And our Mini-Reunion TEAM!!!  We have Toni to thank for our gracious and elegant welcoming luncheon at the historic Chilton Club, and the most delicious cold spring pea soup, broiled scallops and asparagus and salads, and fruit/cookie tart dessert.  And the iced teas and sparkling waters in abundance. Thank you also, Toni, for warning us about the robbers at the ‘pirate lot’ across the street.  Since it was so convenient, some of us parked there anyway.

Our biggest logistics challenge was the link between the Chilton Club and the Commonwealth Garage of Boston College, and its various approaches.  Somehow, we all got there, and even out of the garage, which was another challenge!!  

After Vera’s introduction to Arts and Crafts Ireland, we headed to Papa Razzi, Anne’s recommendation and Bonnie’s choice for our Friday dinner.  It was a tasty Italian buffet, from the salads to the entrees (yum!!), to the cannolis and chocolate mousse cake.  Betsy’s poem gave us a searching frame for discussion during the evening.  Thanks so much, Anne, Bonnie and Betsy!

After Vivi’s tour of the Wellesley Greenhouses, we joined Marcia for lunch and our Jane Austen immersion.  Tours of Shakespeare and Jason Rohrer followed at Davis, with the happy assistance of two student tour guides, including Sarah from the purple class of 2018.    Thanks to Sue Ellen Parrott for making arrangements for lunch and Jane Austen and the Davis tours, and for our “Tea and 55th”  arrangements.

The ground floor “Cow Chair Room” gave us a comfortable setting for first discussions of our 55th Reunion, led by our wonderful chair, Nancy. She provided an outline for our discussion of the reunion,  the Record Book (with Joanne and Mike in charge), about our Durant Scholar goals (with Marj), and insignia (with Marj), of our Memorial moment (with Muffy), and Saturday dinner (with Toni), and Picnic (with a quartet of mini-reunion folks who are looking forward to more lunches to expedite planning).  It was good of Chartis and Holly to offer to assist with accessibility issues.  We’ll be receiving notes from our 55th Reunion Planning discussions from Nancy shortly. In addition, Betsy C. will work with discussion sessions, and Lucretia with collection of data about the class today.  Betsy M. will help with hospitality as will Angie Forbes Freeze. I think I’ve forgotten some tasks and some volunteers, but Nancy will be reaching out to us shortly. (By the way, she will be back in October for Alumnae Leadership Council.  It might provide a fine opportunity for a 55th reunion lunch or dinner update!!)

It was exciting to reach the closing evening events, "Cocktails chez Crozier," thanks to Prudy and Bill’s wonderful hospitality. This included purple and white balloons and a gorgeous Wellesley banner welcoming us all!   Prudy, you were inspired to search out and corner the market on the Edmunds St. John wines of Corkey Scheffey St. John.  (I loved the white Heart of Gold!!)  That brought a special ’62 spirit into the events! Inviting Lillian Armstrong, Peter Fergusson and Mary Lefkowitz was a grand addition to the evening.  With your beautiful backyard and azaleas, Joanne even set to work creating ‘headshots’ for our reunion book!  (Joanne, They are spectacular - Barbara, Vivi and Edee!!)  What a lovely moment!

Our “Celebrating our Classmates” dinner, thanks to Anne’s arrangements and menu selection, was a delicious and wonderful evening, from the salad to the Wellesley Fudge Cake with peppermint stick ice cream and fudge sauce.  Thank you for the dinner arrangements, Anne, and for bringing Jane Vennard’s beautiful grace with you from your Bates reunion. Thank you, Sally, for moderating our evening.   And, again, thank you Arleyn, Carol, Jane, Laurel, Mary, Susan, Toni and Vivian for your wonderful remarks, and response to the class’s presentation.  We hope you will enjoy your silver gingko pins, representing your classmates’ love and admiration!  I loved our great photo at the end, with the cakes with 75 candles, and can’t wait to share it with Wellesley Magazine.  So, hooray for ’62, for our distinguished classmates, and for our 75th birthdays!

Special thanks to those who provided rides, including Edee, Muffy, Bonnie, Sally, and Laurel.  And to Anne and Betsy, who offered class hospitality.  And to Sue Ellen, who made arrangements with the Verve Crowne Plaza, as well as Anne who located rooms at the Wellesley College Club.  Please forward your photos to Joanne and to me…I’m looking for great photos of the classmates with candles and cakes, as well as the honorees especially!!

Finally, a special thanks to the wonderful spouses and guests who shared our celebrations.  The moral of the story is to get involved with the 55th reunion!  With Nancy and team at the helm, it will be smooth sailing, and lots of fun at the same time.

Love, and thanks so very very much!

Martha, for the “Celebrating our Classmates” Mini-Reunion Team